Conversation: How to talk to girls naturally.

Put an end to awkward silences and pointless chit-chat. What should you say to girls? Read on.

Social competence

Why making better priorities will boost your attraction.

Some bad habits are harmless, but others seriously damage your chances of finding a girlfriend. Here's how to get rid of them.

Attractive lifestyle

The Truth about Approaching Women in Public.

Stop caring about approaching women in the street. This is all you need to know on meeting girls in public - From location to conversation.

Social competence

The importance of saying "no".

Saying "no" has never been more vital. Learn why being rude is often better than trying to be nice.

Getting over anxiety

How to text girls effectively and with ease.

Navigate the realm of text with simplicity. With this guide you will no longer suffer mobile phone related nuances.

Social competence

How to meet women in bars and parties.

Bars are still great places to meet women, against popular belief. Here's our simple guide to walk you through it.

Social competence

How to deal with self doubt.

"Why would a girl want me?", you might ask yourself. The truth is, girls are dying to meet you. Here's why...

Getting over anxiety

First date tips.

Got a first date looming? Been off the scene for a while? Here's your simple guide to getting it right.

Social competence

Has online dating killed meeting new girls in person?

With the rise of internet dating apps, will attracting a girl face to face become a thing of the past?


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